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The New Age of Firefighting 


Too many fire fighters are killed or injured when responding to fires inside burning buildings, and therefore the policy needs to be changed urgently. A first important step was taken in the successful Leonardo FIREFIGHT Project, which created an innovative e-learning package and a practical training for firefighters in public fire brigades and industry fire services.

Through FIREFIGHT II  the next step will now be taken to change the policy and accept only a safe working environment for firefighters by providing a complete VET system for the fire and rescue services. The aim of FIREFIGHT II is therefore to address the remaining needs and establish a supplementary training in strategy, tactics and methodology for the intervention team leader and commander level i.e. address the initial phase of an intervention to create capability for early, efficient emergency response. The training is focused on fighting the fire from the outside of the building with the new Cutting and Extinguishing Concept (CEC) methodology and technology, which also limits secondary damage from water and smoke and minimizes negative environmental consequences.

The FIREFIGHT II Consortium includes fire and rescue services, organisations and colleges or education providers in the Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, France, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom. The objective and tangible outcome is thus an integrated vocational education and training system adapted to the working conditions of both firemen and response team commanders. The supplementary e-learning for team commanders will be combined with programmes for exercises conducted with modern technology i.e. web based vocational training tools. The team commanders will not only be given capability for leading CEC interventions but also have a role of training the teams with the tools developed in the project.

FIREFIGHT Project (FIREFIGHT I) 2006-2008

VET (e-learning)


Part 1

Part 2




Responsible for the Implementation of the Action

Bo Andersson, Senior Expert     


Tel.+4610240 5262     Mobile +4670 549 6096



Ulf Bjurman, Senior Advisor to the Project    


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Pilot e-learning package


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FIREFIGHT II FinalMeeting/Seminar 


·         FIREFIGHT II e-learning training package

·         Northamptonshire Fire and Rescue Service (NFRS) 2008 Strategic Plan

-          CEC Appliances (now 12 units + 1 First Response unit)

-          Risk Assessment

-          Standard Operating  Procedures

-          Training Plan

·    NFRS Demonstration


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The FinalMeeting

Action Plan


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Kick-Off Borås


Mid-Term Prauge


Conference and Final


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The New Age of Firefighting

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission